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New Patterns for One Year Anniversary

Today is the One Year Anniversary of the beginning of Thompson Boutique Critters opening. So to celebrate, I have new patterns to debue.
Thomas the Turkey (who started out to be an ostrich) was hatched in a bigger than life way. We’ll have to work on Olga the Ostrich another day.

Doodles the Dragonfly has also come to light and may have modifications at a later date but the two that have been made for clients are happy and that’s all that matters…right?!!!

So for the next month, if you visit my TBoutiqueCritters Ravelry page, and start shopping, if you BUY 3, you’ll GET 1 FREE!!!!!

Beautiful Black Swan

This is my Beautiful Black Swan that will be the second in line in my eBook on birds. Many more species to come and many more books to come as well.
This beauty is rare. Therefore, when you come across her floating by in the pond under the leaves of a lily, you really must take notice!
She even has space on her back for baby chicks if you’re so inclined to make a gaggle of these beauties.

Tess the Turtle

Tess the Turtle was made for my niece and I think that she’ll “slowly” crawl into your loved ones heart. She has loopy eyelashes and a precious smile to match.

Babette the Bashful Bunny

Babette the Bashful Bunny is going to be a new type of pattern for me…she has an oversized tail, feet and ears. I love her feet and her left ear keeps her shielded from things that scare little bunnies. When she’s too scared she holds her purple carrot close.

Camille the Camel

In an effort the keep things interesting, I ventured really far to see if I could create a camel. I wanted the knobby knees, a defined mouth and wanted her to stand on her own. Well she definitely has character and a sweet demeanor and I’m very pleased with my latest addition to the “abstract jungle” of critters. To purchase her pattern click buy now and it will transfer you to my ravelry site for Camille. She’s walked over many miles of desert to be a part of your menagerie.

Plump Purple Pachyderm

This guy didn’t take as long to make as I thought but halfway through, I was really worried that he was even going to look like an elephant!!! He’s approx. 11″ long and 6 1/2″ tall and using Red Heart Homespun yarn in “Purple Haze” totally makes him!!! He’s still a baby so he doesn’t have tusks but if you’re wanting to purchase the pattern, visit my ravelry site and you can buy now. I welcome all comments and ideas on new “critters” to make. My DH has now deemed this as his favorite “critter” to date!!!

King of the Abstract Jungle

A friend gave me this variagated yarn in fuschia, yellow and orange and I had no clue what to make of it. I knew I wanted to make a lion thought that it would make a fantastic mane using the loop stitch. My Mom and I always embroider things in the colors that we prefer Mom (pastels), me (jewel tones) and have always made the animals in the colors we like too and years ago called it the Abstract Jungle. This pattern for “King of the Abstract Jungle” should go up on my ravelry site at the end of this week.

Kool Aid dyeing wool

This is the most fun craft project that I’ve done in quite awhile. I’d been surfing the web for instructions and they come in tons of different ways but my DH and I tried dyeing some 50% Merino Sock wool, rayon/acrylic blend that was a Woodsy Green with some Great Value energy drink mix and that didn’t work so well. It made it darker but not what I wanted. Only having one piece of real wool in the house left, off to the store we went and with 4.375 oz of La Lana Wool that was a white with grey spinned in, we went the crockpot method and put in 3 c. of water, 1 c. white vinegar and turned that on low until the steam started. Then in 1.5 c of water and .5 c more vinegar we added 5 pkts of grape, 2 strawberry and 1 mixed berry. We left it on for about an hour, flipped it over after about 30 minutes, it soaked up the reds 1st and then the blues. Turned it off after about 2 hrs and let it cool overnight with the lid off. This is the loveliness that we ended up with. Very pleased and am anxiously awaiting the fiber to dye for the next project.

Awwww the Alpaca

I made “Tuskegee the Walrus” and then had to do “Sherwin the Alpaca” from Stacey Trock’s “Crocheted Softies” book. But I wanted to do him in cool colors rather than “normal” colors. So I had this variagated blue yarn and was about to run out as I was making him REALLY loopy and I shortened his neck, changed his muzzle and eyes and gave him a belly button. He turned out better than I was expecting once I changed him. Too much variagated was too much so I toned him down with some lt blue on his muzzle and made his eyes the TBC way. He just needs hugged, don’t you think?
And then to top it all off Stacey wanted to use the picture of my Alpaca on her Ravelry page which is just so cool and flattering!!! Thanks Stacey.

Lavender “Bubbles the Fish”

The twin fishies are finally done!!! I changed the eyes on the lavender one and like them a lot more than the pink one but since their for newborn babes due in April, I don’t think they’ll really care. The pattern was by Delicious Crochet and she has fabulous patterns. My DH does an awesome job with his new camera taking the “vogue” shots for their debut.