Helga the Hippo

What my DH wants her to be and what she is are 2 totally different things. He wanted her to stand, wear a tiny Nordic hat with horns, a breastplate, holding a spear, singing opera. (Which is a great idea for down the road when I get better at designing.) For now, Helga is just a normal hippo in the abstract jungle!!! =)

Please visit my ravelry site for the pattern of Helga the Hippo.


Design Week – Day 6 – Into a Pattern

I never used to write down patterns as I went until people started asking me to make a critter again. I haven’t sold anything yet but hope that this design week will get me a little more recognized and people telling their friends. So hopefully Fiona the Flamingo will be the first TBC design to sell. Please tell all your friends to at least join TBoutiqueCritters Commumnity group to at least tell me what “critter” to design next.

Design Week – Day 5 – Trouble Spots

I was really fortunate with Fiona to not have many trouble spots. Most of the time was actually spent on how the legs should look (ie- realistic, comical, standing, sitting, etc.). So in the end the easiest way won out and sitting “vogue” style won out. Thus the reason for also having to put long eyelashes and “eyeliner”, as one viewer put it, on her eyes. My DH actually thinks that her feathers look like a type for fur/feathered stole. So Fashion Diva Fiona the Flamingo is finished and here are her glamour shots!

Design Week – Day 4 – “Flash” your progress

Well Fiona is looking great and I ALWAYS have something negative to say about the critters that I design but I think she’s going to be one of my fav’s!!! Her feathers and lower beak were attached last night. I started working on her legs but the hour was too late to finish. She should be finished for tomorrow “unveiling” though. Thanks for all of your comments on her progress, they’re always fun to see!!!

Design Week – Day 3 – Yarn

Although most of my designs for my “critters” are done in the “abstract jungle” colors (a very colorful place with Plump Purple Pachyderms, variegated Camille the Camels, etc.) yarn plays a VERY important part in my “critters”. For a more furry, soft look I tend to lean towards Lion Brand Homespun that has a permanent wave to it and a constant color change throughout and when it’s “unraveled” a small thread comes about as well. But for Fiona the Flamingo I still wanted her to be pink. The pink that I have is Red Heart Super Saver Solid Pretty n Pink. But it is so bright that I paired it with Red Heart Baby Eco Yarn Sweet Dreams Multi and that tones down the pink a tad. Since it’s doubled it makes for a very sturdy flamingo.
The wings that I designed last night are using the pink and then pairing it with Lion Brand Fun Fur in white to mimic feathers. She’s not a cuddly “critter” but her feathers/wings aren’t on yet so she might become so later in the week. Stay Tuned!!!

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Design Week – Day 2 – Techniques

My favorite technique by far is the Magic Ring, but I also have 2 others and one that I just used on Fiona the Flamingo this week.
1 – TBC Clock Closure© is something that I use to close up the critter when stuffing. TBC Clock Closure© = I always feels it’s more secure to leave a long tail and use a very long (4-5” yarn needle) and I close the opening by going across the opening. Imagine your opening like the face of a clock…if your yarn ends @ 12, then reach across to 6, from 6 to 2, from 2 to 8, from 8 to 4, and from 4 to 10; pulling tight after each wave across. Weave in loose ends or TBC Unravel Finish©.
2 – TBC Unravel Finish© is what I use to give my trademark look of having some part of unraveled yarn on the finished critter. TBC Unravel Finish© = leave a tail of approx ¾ – 1’ long so you can “unravel” it. This can be at the top of the head for a tuft of hair, a little tuft on the end of his tail, etc. Depending on how many “plys” are in your yarn you can unravel between 2-5 times.
3 – The new technique that I used for the first time on Sunday was making the head, neck and body all one piece rather than attaching separate pieces all willy nilly. It actually made for a more structured and stable “critter”.

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Design Week – Day 1 – Sketches

So this week is the beginning of Stacey Trock’s Design week and I thought I’d be bold and try a “critter” that would be very difficult to do. Above is the initial sketch, keeping in mind that I can’t draw hardly at all. Another thing that I really need to stop doing is sketching on lined paper and then writing the pattern notes around the drawing. Ugh! It makes it very difficult when trying to upload the sketch. So Fiona the Flamingo is sketched out and ready to go. (even though I did all of this over the weekend). Another funny thing is that one of my co-workers already wants her and she’s not even finished yet, she still needs wings and legs but c’est la vie.

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