Design Week – Day 3 – Yarn

Although most of my designs for my “critters” are done in the “abstract jungle” colors (a very colorful place with Plump Purple Pachyderms, variegated Camille the Camels, etc.) yarn plays a VERY important part in my “critters”. For a more furry, soft look I tend to lean towards Lion Brand Homespun that has a permanent wave to it and a constant color change throughout and when it’s “unraveled” a small thread comes about as well. But for Fiona the Flamingo I still wanted her to be pink. The pink that I have is Red Heart Super Saver Solid Pretty n Pink. But it is so bright that I paired it with Red Heart Baby Eco Yarn Sweet Dreams Multi and that tones down the pink a tad. Since it’s doubled it makes for a very sturdy flamingo.
The wings that I designed last night are using the pink and then pairing it with Lion Brand Fun Fur in white to mimic feathers. She’s not a cuddly “critter” but her feathers/wings aren’t on yet so she might become so later in the week. Stay Tuned!!!


4 thoughts on “Design Week – Day 3 – Yarn

  1. Ooh! I wanna see pictures! I made a flamingo once…It was ridiculously bright, and didn’t look all that great, but I used the same idea of the fun fur for feathers(wow is that a tongue twister??).

    • Well that’s why I was trying to tone the pink down, I thought it would be too much. If you click on the link in the post it should take you to the ravelry project page with a few pictures. But tomorrow is Thursday, the day we flash tons of pictures on Day 4. Yippee!!!

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