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Awwww the Alpaca

I made “Tuskegee the Walrus” and then had to do “Sherwin the Alpaca” from Stacey Trock’s “Crocheted Softies” book. But I wanted to do him in cool colors rather than “normal” colors. So I had this variagated blue yarn and was about to run out as I was making him REALLY loopy and I shortened his neck, changed his muzzle and eyes and gave him a belly button. He turned out better than I was expecting once I changed him. Too much variagated was too much so I toned him down with some lt blue on his muzzle and made his eyes the TBC way. He just needs hugged, don’t you think?
And then to top it all off Stacey wanted to use the picture of my Alpaca on her Ravelry page which is just so cool and flattering!!! Thanks Stacey.

Lavender “Bubbles the Fish”

The twin fishies are finally done!!! I changed the eyes on the lavender one and like them a lot more than the pink one but since their for newborn babes due in April, I don’t think they’ll really care. The pattern was by Delicious Crochet and she has fabulous patterns. My DH does an awesome job with his new camera taking the “vogue” shots for their debut.

Bruce the Walrus

So I was totally unmotivated to complete the fish and alpaca that I have in progress, so I started “Tuskegee the Walrus” from Stacey Trock’s Crocheted Softies book and it was very fast and fun to do. I used a wavy, very bulky yarn (identical to the monkey) just a different color and this was in light aqua and had a touch of lavender to it as well. Thus the reason that he’s quite big, about 12″ long. But I still like him. So my friend across the pond said that he should be named Bruce, therefore, he shall! =)
Stacey Trock was kind enough to include my walrus on her ravelry site!!!!

Ceramic Bowl to hold yarn

My sister-in-law’s Mom, who throws pottery, made me this awesome bowl to hold the yarn balls so they don’t travel across the floor and into other rooms. It’s heavy enough that when you tug on the yarn it doesn’t go anywhere and is awesome!

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My Favorite Critter – Baby Brown Monkey

Back in December I needed to make two monkeys for a co-worker for Christmas presents…didn’t have a pattern, was too frugle to buy one, etc. So I just started crocheting and this is what I came up with….I’ll post the Baby Brown Monkey pattern in late January. The banana is from a KTB Designs book on and it totally makes the whole thing!!! I even gave him a belly button! The signature “TBC unraveled” look for him is on top of his little head. He’ll grown into his ears someday I’m sure. His main purpose right now is the LOVE for his banana that is ALL his. =)